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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

7th Dragon 2020 - Samurai (Katanako) by Max Factory

I very nearly didn't get this one as I wasn't familiar with the source material nor was I too pleased with the giraffe looking neck in the preview photos. In fact, I actually passed on the first round of pre-orders and only decided to get her after a slew of my December purchases got delayed.

Although from certain angles her neck still looks a tad long, she is a pretty decent buy. Listed at 1/7 scale, she surprisingly stands at over 25cm tall and as such, is one of my larger figurines.

Tall, long and lithe seems to be the theme here, but despite the well sculpted free flowing hair, she looks a tad off from behind. However, one simply does not argue with a schoolgirl in knee high socks and a katana! One simply does not. Period.

And what a beautiful katana it is too. Lovely metal like finish, and very good attention to detail all round. I still am not too keen on the greenish gauntlet looking thing on her left hand. Odd.

The bowie knife strapped to her slender thigh is a nice touch as well. She also comes with a spare hand that allows one to pose her without her katana, but why would one want to do that? That katana is surely one of her better elements!

Her base is simple with a nice matte finish, nothing outstanding, but it gets the job done well enough. Which also imho sums her up nicely - not outstanding, but good nonetheless. 

Max Factory is planning to release another character from the same source (a japanese PSP game iinm) which looks really intriguing as well. Pleased enough with how Katanako turned out to have confirmed my pre-order for that (^_^).


Rungitom said...

I really love the details. :)


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