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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving in...

Juggling work with moving house is tiring! My 'study' is complete, and I finally have place to display my figurines and model kits.

IKEA - cheaper than most, but assembling everything was no easy task!!!

Still not too sure if removing the tiles and having bare cement flooring was a good idea...

But having eleven detolfs is definitely a good idea! Now I have too much space :)

'Yet-to-be-built' kits and empty boxes go up top!
Love the new room, and many thanks to the missus for allowing me to renovate it just the way I wanted. Figurines are in, now to move my gunpla from the old place. Gunplas cannot go back in the box when shifting - major headache.

On a not so nice note, under the bright white lighting, I noticed that two of my older figurines - QB Alice and QB Shizuka have a few faint light brownish discolouration spots :(

I wonder if there is anything I can do, short of repainting them?

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MyKy said...

fuh love the idea of many many detolfs!