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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Cave - WIP

The view from the first floor
One more month before we move to the new house, and both me and the missus have been hard at work replenishing our fast diminishing 'house renovation budget'. Despite our best efforts, the costs keep on escalating...

Meanwhile, the contractor and his 'not always so merry' men have been hard at work too. The house is starting to look the way we envisioned it to be. Still, there seem to be an unending amount of additional work that needs to be completed before we can actually start moving our furniture and other stuff in.

As the rest of the house is being renovated, my room/cave is essentially being de-renovated! Wanted to have an industrial/warehouse feel to my working space, and despite initial objection from my more rational half, I eventually got my way.

Industrial type sockets for the win!
Getting those 50cm IKEA FOTO pendant lamps to complete the look. 
This is the only room in the house without built in cupboards and a plaster ceiling. The walls have been repainted plain white (none of those fancy pansy off white variants here!) and all the floor tiles have been removed. My only worry now would be that the ceiling lamps will make the room look too cramped, maybe I should have gotten the smaller 38cm version instead... hmm...

SUCCESS - The team that was supposed to install the air conditioners actually called and asked if I really wanted to install a unit in the 'store room' :P

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