Zaku is just a disposable underling, with its name derived from the sound of a huge man (or many
soldiers) walking and the Japanese term 雑魚(zako), meaning "inferior fish", signifying expendable grunts.

Monday, September 19, 2011

More toys at work!

Almost done with a project that should help increase my current company's reputation, and ideally this will translate into more sales.
Hopefully I'd be able to fine tune everything before I drive the current accounting staff temporarily assigned to me crazy!

But yeah, back to toys @ work!

Both are good luck gifts from the missus, but I do suspect that she was secretly complaining about my moody disposition and rather short temper these few months with the daruma!

Taiwanese made (at least that's what the vendor said!) maneki neko and daruma doll

The black maneki neko supposedly guards against backstabbers and gossip (yeah, rite) the daruma doll is well... since both eyes are already painted makes a decent good luck charm and a handy coin box for my loose change. The sheer ridiculousness of an oversized frowning pink bugger juxtaposed against my 1001 flowcharts and SOPs is often enough to calm frayed nerves!

Another hectic week ahead, but it is almost payday! My credit card limit is in serious need of resuscitation.

On another less jolly note, I just found out that I am inherently useless and am unable to handle nor convey my concerns to those around me who are grieving - i am an insensitive jerk and retarded emotionally... :-(

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