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Monday, December 7, 2015

Kancolle (Kantai Collection) IPhone 6 Plus Wallpapers

Recently traded in the trusty old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for an IPhone 6 Plus. Back to using Apple products again and immediately noticed the annoying time and date widget in the lock screen that butchers almost all the anime wallpapers featured on online galleries. Most people don't seem to mind, so it's probably just me though :(

Decided to mess around with pixlr a bit and used some of the official artwork to come up with two variants...

Home Screen (click here to download)
Lock Screen (click here to download)
Home Screen (click here to download)

They are 1242 x 2208 pixels, which I read somewhere is the natural resolution for the phone. I love my blurry home screens as well, sadly they don't transition as well as they did on the Samsung devices. Took a while to make sure the girls all fit underneath that annoying widget too.

Making these were pretty therapeutic and there are ship-girls aplenty on the official wiki, so I might just spend my lunch breaks making more of these :)